Mother’s benefits of breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding for president! Do you breastfeed or would you if you had children? I know not every mother can and want breastfeed. That's also not the point here. I absolutely respect every individuum and their lifechoices. But here I would love to talk about the benefits of breastfeeding. It is so super super healthy and makes your life so much easier and more beautiful. Here are a few pros for breastfeeding. (more…)


happy wallpapers for my pregnant ladies

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Today's freebies are for all the mommas and my pregnant followers. I made some freebies for you and your baby  (I also made a few without text)- wallpapers for your mobile phone. They shall give you the power of thoughts. I was like - I mean how often do you look on your mobile phone? - A lot. I believe in the power of emanate positive thoughts to oneself - imagine yourself reading 50 or 500 times a day about your happy and healthy baby :)! It sure will give you a  good feeling, and of these good feelings you can't get enough during this special time! (more…)


My beautiful pregnancy story!


We really want(ed) you, oh baby. It was the first of August 2012, when I had the feeling that something happens in my belly. I had very, very soft cramps. We hoped so much that this was you, on your way through the entire universe into our hearts. I made one test, two tests (yep, I was way too early :D). After a few weeks, I decided a blood test at the doctor's would give us the confirmation we were looking forward to get. So I made an appointment. The doctor’s assistant was very kind, took my blood and got it analysed. She came back with a very happy smile and said: Congratulations, fortunately you are not pregnant! (more…)