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Hello you! Yes you! :) I am so happy to have you here. There’s a lot going on on my blog so I give you a little tour 😉 I started this blog to have an outlet for my thoughts and creativity (creativity hit me when I became a mother – I totally changed and for the good ;)) but always in mind that I want this as a professional and not only looking for a hobby. I give you a list of my favorite posts here. 


As always you can check out my FAQ.

  • In spring 2013 I became a mother. Happiest day of my life! I love to be a mom and if you want more on this topic – you can click here and here
  •  In summer 2013 I married my soulmate and can’t wait to marry him again (and again 😉 and again) A little glimpse to this magical day can be found here
  • In Summer 2014 I made the transition to live vegan and I absolutely love my vegan lifestyle, vegan food and I like to show you what we eat in our house. Therefore you can have a look at these recipes – you can scroll around and I think you’ll find a recipe you like! If you want more about veganism click here.
  • My hubby took some time of from work and enjoyed 7 months with us at home in Switzerland. It was a very special time to bond for all of us! You can read about this topic here 
  • Before his time off we stayed almost one year in Amsterdam. My Amsterdam posts can be found here 
  • We started BLW – baby led weaning and it’s a cool way to introduce food to your child. You can click here if you want to know more about this topic, you’ll find guides and recipe inspiration. I currently transitioned this BLW topic into what a vegan child eats, to be precisely and give inspiration.
  • Readers have been asking me about our life, tipps and how to stay positive. My favorites on this topic can be found here
  • I’m a big promoter of breastfeeding, baby-wearing, natural-attachment- parenting and my favorites on these topics can be found here 
  • Then I decided it’s time to praise motherhood and see how cool moms are 😉 I started to feature cool & happy moms on the project inspiring motherhood. I know you loved this project- at the moment it’s pausing because it’s quite time-consuming, but if you are a cool mom or know one 😉 tell me more. 
  • If you look for DATE NIGHT INSPIRATION these will help you out :) 

That’s it for the moment! Hope to see you soon!


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