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  • Why I feel sorry for the victoria’s secret angels

    05/12/2014 by  

    You might coming over here because of this catchy title, didn’t you? No, this is not a marketing gag it’s true. I feel sorry for the Victoria’s secrets angels. Yes me, your totally average-looking mom, with flaws and feelings. I am feeling so sorry for them and I promise I am not jealous. I swear to you guys, I would tell you. But these girls look like they need help. Not only do they all look like they are very hungry and could eat a steak (Notice, this text is coming from a vegan), but they do all look totally the same. All the same. No flaws. Nothing special. No light. No curves. (I mean fake boobs don’t really count). I’m sorry but they just bore the hell out of me. Is this the new beauty?