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  • Estella and me

    28/11/2014 by  

    Things I want to remember

    I want to remember how it feels to lie close to you each night, to hear you breathing, and holding your hand. To know this is my girl and I am her mother. 

    I want to remember the feeling I get when you walk right into the door into my open arms. When I haven’t seen you for an hour or two.

    I want to remember how your soft kisses feel, the lovely ones you give me, just because. Out of pure love.

    I want to remember how you smell, the smell of babies is just very special and awesome and of course you’re not really a baby anymore.

  • Redefining motherhood – Do you have enough milk?

    18/11/2014 by  

    I wrote a few weeks ago (about breastfeeding in public) that I would like to help redefine motherhood and all the myths about it. Here we are with a new question. Are you a breastfeeding mom? For a breastfeeding mom, there’s nothing quite as frustrating as feeling like you’re not producing enough milk. You’ve got a hungry baby, yeah I know right. And you feel like it’s not enough. Now what is your plan mama? Give up? No way! Let’s make sure you’ve got realistic expectations.