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  • I love my hubby and why it’s important to take some familytime

    04/12/2014 by  

    You might have followed our adventures in Amsterdam last year. We had a wonderful time there and enjoyed it lots. After that we moved back to Switzerland last summer. While we had a hard time to let a loving person go, we then had a lot of time to (re)create (us) as a family and have some time together. This was really perfectly wonderful.

  • Happy start in a wonderful December

    02/12/2014 by  

    Hello Lovelies! Heartly welcome on this fresh Tuesday morning! I hope you do great and have a wonderful start into December! Christmas is just around the corner and we love love it! All the food, family-time, the gifts for the little one! I’m so excited to show her all about Christmas! 

  • Estella and me

    28/11/2014 by  

    Things I want to remember

    I want to remember how it feels to lie close to you each night, to hear you breathing, and holding your hand. To know this is my girl and I am her mother. 

    I want to remember the feeling I get when you walk right into the door into my open arms. When I haven’t seen you for an hour or two.

    I want to remember how your soft kisses feel, the lovely ones you give me, just because. Out of pure love.

    I want to remember how you smell, the smell of babies is just very special and awesome and of course you’re not really a baby anymore.

  • What I wish for you my love

    10/11/2014 by  

    Dear Estella Joy

    I wish you all the best and biggest luck in this universe, my beloved babygirl. I wish for you to be healthy and happy. About everything, but most important about yourself, no matter what, that you stand behind yourself and stand in for what you believe, fight for the things you think matter. And that if you are unhappy, you know that you can change that everyday. No, you can change it every minute in your life. And that you know that we sometimes need to be unhappy, to get back in happiness again.

  • In the tulips fields

    30/04/2014 by  

    We had friends from Switzerland over and they really wanted to see the tulips, of course especially us girls :) so we rented a nice car and drove to  Bergen aan Zee to spend some qualiity time at the beach and on our way back we found these beautiful tulips. They look magnificent, really special colors so so bright and strong.

  • My beautiful pregnancy story!

    02/03/2014 by  

    We really want(ed) you, oh baby. It was the first of August 2012, when I had the feeling that something happens in my belly. I had very, very soft cramps. We hoped so much that this was you, on your way through the entire universe into our hearts. I made one test, two tests (yep, I was way too early :D). After a few weeks, I decided a blood test at the doctor’s would give us the confirmation we were looking forward to get. So I made an appointment. The doctor’s assistant was very kind, took my blood and got it analysed. She came back with a very happy smile and said: Congratulations, fortunately you are not pregnant!