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  • How to live your dream! And reasons why you do not!

    26/11/2014 by  

    Let’s be honest for a moment. Who out there is really living his / her dream? I’d love to hear it from you. Come on contact me for my new column inspiring people and spread the word about this awesome experience.

    So this is to everybody else, why don’t do you live your dream? What is holding you back? While you sure do not have to answer this to me, make you sure you don’t lie to yourself.

    I believe that we are pretty much in a matrix 😉 like living in programs day by day. Allday long. Always the same story, living in our cages, dreaming of things, but no courage to fullfill them. And I can only talk for me, but the more I free(d) myself of society’s or family’s expectations, the more I am happy. And the clearer becomes my vision of my magical beautiful life. The more you are in these programs, the less you dare to be yourself, instead you have like 12 roles. The ambitious student, the perfect wive, the good good friend, the loyal worker, the sexy mistress, the sweet daughter, the whatever. But who really knows how you really are?

    So here some questions to ask you:

    What is holding you back? Go get to the bottom of this question. Go back into your childhood (often a bit painful but so liberating) and look what happens. This can be simple scentences from people you love(d). Unaware placed but they grew inside you. For example the following things: