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  • 10 things a new born (&) mom needs

    04/09/2014 by  

    What we all need is good friends that are here. To help. With whatever the new mom or her baby or the new dad may need. So if you are a good friend and want to win my award friend of the year. Let’s go here are my personal tipps to make a new family happy! 

  • 10 tipps for your delivery day

    16/08/2014 by  

    1. There is not something like a tipp

    Even though you just need it now, you will see there are not tips for everybody. Every birth is a different story and what fits for me, might maybe not feel good for you. But I’d like to share what help me :) But anyway don’t listen, or only if you want 😉

  • Cloth diapers / Stoffwindeln

    03/06/2014 by  

    I have probably seen cloth diapers on a blog or an acquaintance showed them to me but I do not remember when I got in touch with them for the first time. But I can tell you straight away that I have been hooked ever since!

  • Natural Life

    24/04/2014 by  

    We have an expert here to talk about something very special and very natural. Yes on this new column every Thursday we talk about everything that is natural. Everything 😉 So please meet Tamara Beck from Nestwärme who says:

  • Babywearing is the solution

    12/04/2014 by  

    Yes I am a huge fan of babywearing! Did you know that research says that carrying your baby or toddler around in a sling can reduce their crying up to 45% ? The feeling of closeness and the fact that they can listen to your heartbeat or just touch and feel you must be sooo sooo relaxing for them.