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  • 20 Facts about Mama Leone

    05/03/2014 by  

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    1.       I am introverted and extroverted but mostly not at the same time

    2.       I have obsessions with poems and photography – as well as everything with a deeper meaning

    3.       When I met my soul mate I was scared about the fact that I could fall so hard and deep in love. It was not always easy to connect but we successfully did.

  • My beautiful pregnancy story!

    02/03/2014 by  

    We really want(ed) you, oh baby. It was the first of August 2012, when I had the feeling that something happens in my belly. I had very, very soft cramps. We hoped so much that this was you, on your way through the entire universe into our hearts. I made one test, two tests (yep, I was way too early :D). After a few weeks, I decided a blood test at the doctor’s would give us the confirmation we were looking forward to get. So I made an appointment. The doctor’s assistant was very kind, took my blood and got it analysed. She came back with a very happy smile and said: Congratulations, fortunately you are not pregnant!

  • Can I tell a bit more about myself? Yes, I can!

    28/02/2014 by  

    Ciao a tutti! I am very happy that you made your way through the entire internet again and again into my little space.

    What else is to say? I am a young mother and wifey and couldn’t be happier about that! I am a creative, kind-hearted and very impatient person. If you don’t mind I am talking straight forward to you here just as I do with everyone and just as I am.