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 So happy to start a new column about inspiring people. Not just moms 😀 but also dads, men, women, communities. People who love their lives to the fullest, who live abroad or dream of a start up or have a profession they loooove!

Hello Alexandra! How are you today? 

Hi Deborah. I feel very good today thanks. :)

How is your life?

My life? Hmm.. in my opinion my life is amazing. It is full of adventures and challenges. Full of dreams and fantasy, visions, feelings and every day there is waiting something new which I get confronted with. I feel very alive these days. :)

Meaning what do you do in your life? How do you live your life?

I do a lot but never plan much. I live day by day. I flow…I realized that this is very important. Not only for travelers. For everyone. If we overplan our lives, we give no time to the universe to show us what is right in front of us. If we push ourselfes from a moment into an other, there where we want to see ourself, then we can not see the here & now but in the here & now is the only moment where the miracles happen. 😉 In the here & now we can create and make changes.

How is your life today comparing to before you started this journey? 

Very different and not at the same time. 😉  We are always in a change. We are never the same. This never ending changes I call “inner or spiritual growth”
I wander trough this life since 24 years now and I grew every single day. However, since I started to travel in December 2013 it feels I grew much faster. Trough traveling, trough flowing I learned to see with other eyes. By being more present I saw the challenges which came to me and I was ready to work on them.

I feel more free now and happy I decided to do this step.

Do you plan to live like this for years, for ever or is there a limit?

I don’t plan nor my years as I do not know with how many I’m blessed with. For ever I want to be free hearted, forever sharing my fantasy and love with everyone and everything around me and being with the knowing that there are no limits for anything. 😉

What do you do on the road?

On the road I do think a lot. Sometimes I write down what comes up in my mind or when for me something special happens which I want to be able to re read and replace me back to this moment. I also travel with my Native American flute and my Digeridoo. Music refreshes my soul and helps also to bring me back into the moment. :) Music connects!
I met so amazing people trough playing music togehter. <3

What was the point where you said: I got to go. I have to this. Now. ?

I had the feeling of “I got to go” since I can remember. Even as a child I wished I could be a eagle and fly over the landscapes into other places and spaces. Since a child I feel connected with native cultures and I wanted to find out where it comes from and where it takes me. I also had some hard inner challenges before I left Switzerland. Relationships which cost me my last energy. However, now I see that all this had to happen that I decided to say once again: “I got to go”.

Sometimes we think we got a box of darkness but if we give ourselfes some time to understand we see that also this was a gift! 😉

Do you find it easy to be inspired by what you see each day? 
Of course I always have ups and downs. There are days I feel inspired by everything because I’m open. However, there are days I feel the opposite because I closed myself. There are always two sides. Good and bad or inspired and uninspired. We always need to know both sides in order to find the balance of both of it.  ‘Cause one can not whithout the other like Ying and Yjang. But I feel since I’m out of everyday life I’m more inspired what I see and do.

Where do you see love on the road? 
I try to see it in everything and everyone but it is not always easy.. I can see it in nature and many people I met on my travel but sometimes I do recognise the heatred, the sorrows, the pain.. In these moments I try not to let it come over me. I try to accept and come along with love and happiness ’cause I know: What I have is what I can give and it is what I will receive.

Are you happier on the road or home in Switzerland?

That is a hard quetion.. 😀 I don’t know how I will feel back in Switzerland. I already started to feel home wherever I go. However, I love my home, my family and friends so much and it makes me happy to know that I can always go there again and again with the knowing that I have an amazing life there too. :)

Do you want to move abroad forever?

Hihi.. Who knows. I’m going with the flow. And actually that is what I love so much. I don’t know my future fortunately. My future feels like a huge new continent which I’m blessed to discover! All its wonders and miracles.

Whats your dream in this life? 

My dream is to find my medicine. My dream is to find my purpose, my duty in this world. I know I will find it one day. When the day comes I wanna share it with those around me and be a help for them to find their own medicine, their own purpose and duty. <3 That one day they also will be able to do the same to others.. That is the way I believe we can heal and wake up each other for a world full of love and peace.

What is your wisdom for us? 
Travel and discover this world as well as the world within you!
Do not dout! We are capable! We are miracles! Believe in the good things coming. Be thankful. Love, smile, cry! Our dreams and our fantasy is what makes us alive. It is what makes us unique! So dream…create and be the change you want to see in this world. :) <3

What else do you want to share with us? 
I send you all a lot of love and light out there in this world. We are one wherever we are. 😉 <3

Thank you so much dear Alexandra! I hope you have fun and I wish you love and peace and everything you dream of! <3

Wish you all a happy day!

PS: Pictures of Alexandra belong to her. All others you find the original source by clicking on them.

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