5 Date ideas – Let’s go out honey

Do something romantic!

Get up early and watch the sunrise! Do I need to say more? That’s just yeah awesome romantic. Grab a cozy blanket and go outside to a special place and just watch. 

Do something brandnew!

A great way to bring back the fire is just do something you never have done before. Dancing lessons? Acting like tourists in your home town? Sex in the car? 😀  Or just a little bike tour together, whatever you like.

Do something fun with friends!

Like Karaoke. So grab your spouse and some friends and try a Karaoke-Bar or at home with Wii. I think a few drinks would be nice for this activtiy as well :) Also cool to include your kids, but then maybe without the drinks. 

Do something spiritual together!

I love to meditate with my husband. It’s an awesome experience. Yes it can be a bit awkward and funny sometimes but then you get the chance to really feel the other soul.

Do a DREAMS – Date!

Yeah that’s something! Do you really know what the other person wants? Sometimes we think we know someone and do not see ALL he or she is. So this is how the DREAMS-Date works go grab some fruits and a Starbucks and sit down in a beautiful park with a cozy blanket and

Write out your future goals and dreams for the future! This is especially beautiful when you really dream about a future together <3 but also nice to talk about eachs goals. Travelling together? Moving together? Founding a company together? Living on the beach together? Ride with bikes through Route 66 together? Be a family together? Dreaming of 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 kids? Adopting a dog? I want to have a date like this very soon with my hubby. <3

I hope you enjoy dating your hubby <3 Happy Thursday! Mama Leone

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