Can I tell a bit more about myself? Yes, I can!

Ciao a tutti! I am very happy that you made your way through the entire internet again and again into my little space.

What else is to say?

I am a young mother and wifey and couldn’t be happier about that! I am a creative, kind-hearted and very impatient person. If you don’t mind I am talking straight forward to you here just as I am. And oh, I got my roots in Italian, French and German countries and  at the moment we live in Amsterdam in Europe. This city is quite exciting! But my heart belongs to the Middle Sea. And so do I:D that’s also part of our plan, but I will tell you soon more about that.

Our family is really multicultural, our main base is in Switzerland, near Luzern, but we really feel close to an open spirited and Italian Lifestyle. And so we do want to share our adventures about our lives here with you.

When I met my hubby we felt in love unbelievably deep and fast. After a few months we moved together and a few months later we decided we want to become family. One month later and I am pregnant. The pregnancy was a wonderful and very special time for me. And our pregnancy, our birth and the Being-a-Moma-thing changed me in so many ways. I did not even think this was possible.

Our babygirl is called Estella Joy and we couldnt be more blessed with that wild and gentle-hearted happy little person, rocking our world. She is my number one inspiration, according to my husband. But she also brings me to my limits sometimes. For me it is wonderful, very intense and as well sometimes exhausting to be a mama. And it is what I always dreamed of deep down in my heart. Since I have her I am much more confident about myself! She brings me to the point, that I want to be a very good role model, I want to inspire her, guide her, give her roots and wings.

I have a passion for fashion (especially the 90ies look), wise words (and lyrics), good and strong espressos and photography. I love 80ies music, I feel sometimes like a little hippie and I want a lot of Henna tattoos on my hands 😀 Did I really write that? 😀 I often have the urge to create! And that’s what I do.

Here are a few pictures of my life! Hope you enjoy! Lots of love for you!

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