20 Facts about Mama Leone

Enjoy some fun facts about me 😉 

20 Fun Facts

1.       I am introverted and extroverted but mostly not at the same time

2.       I have obsessions with poems and photography – as well as everything with a deeper meaning

3.       When I met my soul mate I was scared about the fact that I could fall so hard and deep in love.; It was not always easy to connect but we successfully did.

4.       I love the summer

5.       I started realising who I really am when I became a mother

6.       After my soulmate lived 2 weeks in his new appartment, I moved in with him.

7.       At this time, we only dated since 2 months

8.       I remember car rides in a cabriolet with my mother from when I was 6 or 7, I loved (and still do) the feeling of the warm wind in my hair!

9.     At teenage times I was wild and very rebellic

10.   When I was younger I wanted to be a super model and an actress

 (I mean, be honest – who did not? :D)

11.   I realised that with 157.5 cm / 5’1.5’’ (on a tall day) I would have a hard times to find a model agency 😀 😀

12.   My dreams today are totally different from then. 😀 Number one dream is to live healthy and happy with my family, number two is: at the Middle Sea.

13.   I dream of my own garden. A big one! 

14.   We have a family bed an do co sleep

15.   When hubby comes home from work I stand at the window with our daughter to welcome him! (Yes! I often do that)

16.   I have had 4 Piercings, but now I have none. But still thinking about a nose ring again.

17.   When me and my hubs met and felt sooo deep in love with each other, we both lost around 20 pounds (almost 10 kilogramm) because we could just not eat!! 😀

18.   Today we can eat 😀 We really love Italian, Chinese, Mexican and Swiss Food!

19.   I am very impatient and so is the whole family of mine.

20.   Our beautiful birth experience was an act in just 8 hours.

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    1 – isch bi mir genau glich <3

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