Do you have a teething baby?

Here are a few infos for you and a few things that hopefully help your little one!

Classic signs and symptoms of teething often appear like this:

  • Drooling, which may begin about two months before the first tooth appears
  • Irritability
  • Crankiness
  • Swollen gums
  • Chewing on solid objects
  • Often a bit of eczema 
  • Waking and also crying more frequently at night

What helps? There are a few things! Offer a teething ring or a teething toy. Have you heard of Sophie the Giraffe? A lot of babies really loooove it! We do not have it yet. But I think of it :)

Here are a few toys! 

Of course we also do babywearing all the time, especially when she is teething, that helps a lot!

I also often do this here, an iced pacifier, she really likes it! I found the idea here 

What do you use?  I would love to know. 

Stay tuned because we have a great giveaway for teething babies soon on the blog! 

Lots of love 

mama leone

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