A little glimpse into our lives

We enjoyed a lovely time in Zug. This autumn is so beautiful! 

I will always hold your hand, darling. And have your back.

This is my streetstyle-fashionista-baby-girl. And my baby’s baby called Pipa or nicknamed petit. :) She is a wonderful mother. Breastfeeding, babywearing, bed – sharing. The whole program :)

I love you, Estella Joy.

Oh, and yes I cutted my hair! Letting go old clutter. 

Wish you a lovely day, thanks for stopping by; Mama Leone.


  • Reply Tamara Beck 04/10/2014 at 08:14

    Love your new haircut! So beautiful! Suits you well! I’ve been at the hair dresser, too, last week, but didn’t dare to cut it. Somehow I regret it now… I guess it would have suited me, too as I already cut it two years ago… well, well, maybe next time! 😉

  • Mama Leone
    Reply Mama Leone 05/10/2014 at 12:11

    Hey my dear Tamara! thank you so much :) ! Yeah you should give it a try next time 😉 they grow again :) but yours are a bit longer than mine 😉 so I feel you. <3

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