Byebye Mamaleone and hello babe be you tiful!

Dear ones,

I will close this blog very soon, because my heart tells me that it is time for something new. I’m so grateful for you and that you are all here. You also do not have to be too sad: D Because what are you up next? I’m so glad that you asked: D

Next is this: I do of course continue :) I am soon ready to launch my new baby 

It’s called So you can see, read and hear me over there soon.

Also, I craft this very special online workshop with my best friend. Want to know more? Then you are welcome to read this inspiring text from her and then hit the button at the end of the site to sign up for our newsletter. 

This way you will learn as one of the first people from our new projects that are already in the starting blocks.

I wish you all a wonderful time and a lot of joy and love! I look forward to this new chapter with you my friends! Thank you all so much!!


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