Babywearing is the solution

Yes I am a huge fan of babywearing! Did you know that research says that carrying your baby or toddler around in a sling can reduce their crying up to 45% ? The feeling of closeness and the fact that they can listen to your heartbeat or just touch and feel you must be sooo sooo relaxing for them. 

When I am at a point where I am not sure which way to go, or what is right, it may sound a bit like a hippie, but I do then ask myself: What would an aborigine do, or an Indian? I mean it in the most natural way. Because all the original folks are so natural and kind of adorable to me, I mean they always weared their babies, it was just normal and practical, they did not have a crip like we do or a buggy (nothing against buggies, they sometimes really make my day! :D) But if you have a baby like we do, then you learn that your baby really needs a lot of closeness.

I started wondering what I could do when I came to a point that I never had one hand free, because she always wanted to be weared around. And I wanted to make myself lunch or just a coffee or paint or write something. I did my research and I teamed up with a babywearing advicer because I did not feel so sure in the beginning, she showed me how to wrap my girl. I think for me it was quite good to do this with someone in person, but I also know other moms, they  did just learning by doing and looked at YoutubeVideos. We often do this one called cross carry and in German Wickelkreuztrage but there are a lot of options. They also do recommend to wear your darling on the back when he or she is older than 4 months. 

I am not a professional but I have one year of experience. So here are my tips :)

1. Please make sure your carrier is in good working condition before use – especially important if you are using a carrier you have got second hand. NEVER use a carrier that’s damaged. Then please follow the instructions of the carrier. If you do not know exactly about them you can check them online. 

2. The position – this picture below shows the perfect position for your baby. Please notice how close it is to you, and the position of the babies back (the baby always should have a round back; the natural position) And the knees should be on a level with the baby’s belly button (or quite close to it).

Please do not leave your baby on the ropes like here in picture bottom on the left! (You see it like this in Baby Björn carriers) Make sure that the hip and the neck and the back is good supported. And please do not face forward your baby, if you wear he or she on your hip at the side,(s)he can watch what happens around. Also suitable is to wear on your back. My baby even sees a lot when I wear her in front. But they need to have a place to retire, a place of safety and that is what they find when they can cuddle into you. 

  1. You have to feel comfortable! It is important that it suits you well. I mean I love the idea that you want to wear your darling-baby, but it has to be good for the both of you. So if you have problems watch a few youtube videos or ask a friend or a professional. 

  2. Make sure your baby can breathe. Always look that there is an open airway for your baby! 

  3. If your wear your baby in the front, make sure you have it on the height in german called “Kopfkusshoehe”, meaning at the height that you can easily kiss your baby’s head. The head should be kissable.

  1. Change with different slings and wraps, do change what you use because your body will like all the options, because this way you do not load all the wage on just one part of your body. I use about two to three different types each day. I use the normal wrap and the Mysol and as well the ring sling. I also do sometimes wear her in front and as a compensation on my back.

  1. Please only do activities that you would do if you were carrying your child in your arms – No jumping or running f.e. 

8. Practice with a friend – They can help you keep your baby secure while you get used to the carrier. If you are by yourself, you can practice over a bed, couch. This tip is especially useful when you are first learning how to get your baby on your back.

  1. Wrap in front of a mirror and / or with the help of youtube videos. I like it a lot. Here is a good one for Rucksack

10. Stay strong Mama. I know it is not always easy. I mean what is always easy? It s a good training for your back and your belly 😉 And it is also really good for bonding between you and your baby. Here you can find Dr. Sears List of the benefits of babywearing.

If you have additional information please leave it below in the comments, I am happy to hear from you.

Lots of love, Mama Leone


  • Reply Jackie 13/04/2014 at 07:21

    Lovely post with great tips. In England they say "close enough to kiss" :) I love baby and toddlerwearing!

  • Reply Tamara Beck 14/04/2014 at 15:14

    So nice, your summary! Just had to share it! <3 I love your sling, which Gira is it? The colours so fresh! :)

  • Mama Leone
    Reply Mama Leone 15/04/2014 at 07:06

    Oh thank you both so much. Mrs Mc Dine 😉 thanks for boosting my english:) Oh I love it too. Its so natural :) and Tamara thanks for sharing! so so kind ;)! ! It is an amazonas ring sling blue (if you want to google) have a great day.

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