Love it, leave it or change it!

This is the motto I pretty much live by. Every single day. Now I have a question for you. Do you enjoy having a mobile phone or does it stress the heck out of you? Do you feel like you constantly have to check what XYZ is doing in Chicago, Los Angeles or whever they are? I loved having a mobile phone. It was love at first sight and the addiction came in very slowly but surely. I love me my whatsapp, used to hang out hours (!) on Insta and even check facebook again and again, even though I do not really know nor like the people in there. But some I do :) you know! I already made efforts to leave the mobile phone away for a week and felt amazing after that! :) 

This year and my life from now on is all about FOCUS and GROWTH. I am working on several businesses and I need to focus on what I love and do. There’s simply no need or time for hanging out virtually with people I don’t (wanna) know. I need all this energy for me, for my babygirl, my soulmate, my family, for my soulsisters & brothers and for people who lift up. And I openly have to admit I feel like a slave to my mobile phone. I mean look around at the bus station, on the train station, everywhere everyone looks into his very own display. No one talks, no one connects. It’s all pretty isolated. 

I want to be present in my child’s life. I want to be the mom who is there 100 % and the one laughs and enjoys time. And when I’m not with my kid I want to enjoy the time for myself very much and not hang on a phone waiting for what? A status update? Come on :)

So from the beginning of this October I am going to stop using my iphone which I adored so much :) I let it go! I will have a phone at home and my email, a blog, a newsletter, a facebook page and other social media to connect with friends & followers. All my heart people I obviously want to have in my life in real person :) !

So you think I am crazy or would you do it too? Tell me what you think about your mobile phone :) Would love to hear your opinion.


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