#HappinessWorkshop Number One

Dear all

As you may have noticed it’s been quite over here on the outside (of this blog.) But on the inside there’s so much going on. Not only personal growth and beautiful changes but this blog is going to be very new and different  very soon. So I appreciate if you give me some time :) We are sure so so so excited to have this opportunity! :) <3

Until then sign up if you want to join me and my soulsister while we’re hosting our very first #HappinessWorkshop! What’s this you ask? It’s a Workshop to connect with like-minded souls, have a spiritual happy and fun time. We will create, talk and manifest things we wish to attract in our lives. And we will release (some of the) past. We want to find ways to make our very selfs very happy and bring the sparkle into all our relationships. If you’re near Zurich, Aargau, Central Switzerland and want to be part of our first #HappinessWorkshop you can join our Facebook group right here. And if you want to come (Would love to meet you :)!)

You come? :) Send me an email: and I give you specific infos. Can’t wait to tell you more about everything!  Sending so much love!


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