Check your fucking attitude

Check your fucking attitude!

Hello there my lovelies! 

What a title, right? Sometimes you have to ;)! While I could not be happier to meet more and more conscious, loving and kind-hearted people in my life I am also sometimes thinking back into old friendships or just watch the nowaday- people when I’m in the city.

So many people have this thing called life going on like this: My needs, my rules, my life, my ego. They go out and act like 10-years-old never ever questioning their uber-hipster-behavior. Eating animals for breakfast, wearing clothes that were made under not so good conditions, treating their friends like shit and killing all the flyes. Then they wonder why life does not happening according to their dreams? Just with this fucking attitude like – give me more life. But never ever thinking of the fact that you could give (back/first)? How about one good act each day? How about considering stop eating animals, or how about considering stop judging your neighbour? How about feeling joy for your friends living the life they adore? 

How about  GIVING MORE THAN RECEIVING? How about focus on the good stuff? How about doing good instead of just thinking all day long about your own problems, your own health, your own look? 

How about giving something without expecting something? Just love. So you really think life should do it your way, but you’re not even capable of giving something back to anyone? STOP expecting from life, start doing the good good stuff. Life will reward you anyway. You’re not the only single girl in the world. And you’re not the only one going through hard stuff. We all have been there. What counts is how you get out of it. With a good attitude would be awesome. When you start wanting and start giving wonderful things will come your way. I promise. 

Be honest with yourself. See where you do bad karma. Be nice and be present and be there with full heart. Start being nice with yourself. It helps so so much! Check your attitude 😉 from time to time. And it is easy to change. You can do it every second with a new wonderful thought.  


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