A kiss to my soul sisters and to all of you!


You know I wanted to take some time to say thank you! Thank you for being here online with me :)

( I totally see us as online buddies ;))

Thank you for reading this blog. Thank you for coming back again and again :) Thank you for existing! 

As usual I want to send all my love to you! But today with a kiss 😉 For more see the video.

Today I want to send some special love and kisses to my soul sister Stephania, who rocks my and of course her world, while living her dreams (at the moment) in BALI! She currently resides in a huge bungalow with her boyfriend and a awesome pool and water fall. Cheers to that my love :)

I also send so much love and kisses to my other soul sister Glitzi, who rocks my world right here but basically from everywhere in this world! With so much positivity ! <3 

And as said before the rest of my kisses for today goes out to you my darling blog readers! I love you so much!

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Do you also have someone to send a kiss? You can easily do it here and tag them :) ! Or just tell them directly! 😉 Happy happy Sunday my loves!




This blog post is a lovely collaboration to remind you of your loved ones. Say thank you :) It’s so worth it!

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