Bella Italia Part two

Ciao a tutti!

This is a little view in our lovely Italia holiday. We really also wanted to go to the famous and beauiful Rome and to Napoli. (I REALLY Wanna go THERE! RIGHT NOW) But this country is soo big. (you probably laugh hard while reading this, when youre from the US :D) But we are Swiss. In 2 hours we’re almost at every border of our country.

So we decided not to drive to Rome this time. We’d love to go once and maybe stay bit longer there. What I mean is 3 or 4 months. Papa and Mama Leone would like to learn everything of the Italian Kitchen and write a book about this experience. We want to live there with a kind and bubbly Italian Nonna and learn to make handmade pasta.

And of course learn the Language and also abit the DOLCE-FAR-NIENTE, do you remember eat pray love? 

 We ate Lasagna and Antipasti in a real Italian Mamas Brasseria in Massa (close to the famous Cinque Terre) After the dinner we went camping near La Spezia and we had a lot of fun camping with a one year old. 😀 All the noises outside in the dark, we heard dogs and cats, and also neighbours building their tents in the middle of the night. A very special feeling :) Oh and here on mothermagazin I found a little guide if you want to know more about CAMPING with a BABY. 

Also fun when you have to shower in a shower with chip function, which means 2 minutes time to shower 😀 !HAHA. But even more funny when the shower says it’s not working again when you want to put in another chip, to get another 2 minutes.

Our holiday led us to the sea, and we also stayed one night in the piemont and two nights in the beautiful beautiful tuscany. And last but not least one night in the beautiful city Verona.

While in the Tuscany we spent one day in Siena, a really ancient place. Was very special there.

I really love the clothesline!

We wanted to try a few things in our holiday, from sleeping on the farm to camping and also relaxing a bit in a 4 stars hotel. But we really loved the camping the most. It’s so natural and  special to be and live so close to the nature. But the hotels were also very nice.

Lots of LOVE to you! 

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