Surreal Art

Do you know Antonio Mora? You really should! Antonio Mora is an experienced creative Spanish who after an extensive career as designer and art director, ends in the art to give free rein to his inexhaustible fantasy. Take a look at these pictures. They are so powerful! I love his powerful and deep style!

Dammmn I need one. 

Mora’s Private Life and Education

Mora works in his studio in an old industrial building, where he spends many hours designing and producing his artworks. When he’s not working, the artist prefers enjoying a quiet life with his family, children, and dogs. He also loves to walk on the beach.

Mora undertook a master in graphic design, and started his own design studio a few years after graduating. He was the studio’s art director for 15 years. However, he gradually lost interest in working as an art director, and decided it was time to start creating his own art.

What a special artist! Do you like his work too? How could you not. 😀

Here is Moras Website


I found him trough parteca as well is part of the above text from this website.

wish you a wonderful day, lots of love mama leone

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