How your love feels like for me!




It feels like the best feeling in the world to be loved for exactly who you are as a human being, as a soul, as a woman, as a person! I wrote about our love, more precisely a bit about my feelings here

Not for the sexy you, the best you, the stylish you, the succesful you, the funky-flirty you! 

Your love has healed me my soulmate, I can say that! I love you (and our child) more than everything in this universe!

And for everybody out there. Love starts really with you! I know I am in a very happy place to say that, but I have personally felt the impact and the power of my mind. When I started thinking positive my life started getting positive. And you can do this totally in very small steps. Just try where you are, doing what you can. 

YOU ARE WORTHY! YOU ARE WONDERFUL! After all you are alive and that’s a miracle and proof of love no matter if the love comes from your parents or the universe itself. YOU ARE LOVED! You should totally hang out with yourself and love you too! 

I love you! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with happiness and joy!


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