What sweet things is your child doing these days?


I read this question yesterday and I so love this! So what is your child doing these days? What I mean is what sweet (and funny) things is he/she doing? 

My girlie started talking and it’s so so funny and cute! I love a toddler who starts talking. She says very funny things like 

  • Hep – like helmet :) 
  • Tuii – is traurig – this is the German expression for sad – Sometimes her dolls (the petites) are sad and she says they are sad – they are tuii and she comforts and embraces them very sweet.
  • Moooothie! for Smoothie :) She is like attention attention mooooothiiiiiieeee and then she makes the noise of our blender 😀 Haha the cutest! 


What else is she doing? Lots of cute stuff!

  • She also loves to pick out her clothes and combines them with cute hats! Also winter hats 😀 
  • She loves to play football with other kids – even if this means she basically never gives the ball away and just wants to hold it in her hands 😀
  • She calls the neighbor from the balcony and the two kids chat in a very  funny way 😀
  • She makes her own orange juice – and for me some lemon juice- she’s a great little kitchen helper and loves to sit on the kitchen counter. 

Oh my first child I love you more than everything!

Wish you a happy day! Lots of love for everybody!



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