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Digital Detox and a little reminder!

Me and my hubby, we challenged us to leave the mobile phone for 7 days. We succesfully managed it. Here’s my little recap from this week.

Day 1: I feel great – no problem at all. I love to focus and spend time with my kid in a very present and pleasant way.

Day 2: I feel good, sometimes a little need for my phone, but it’s no big deal.

Day 3: I feel pretty sad, also alone. Kind of isolated during the day(?!) No messages from what’s-app saying “I love you” -no cute pictures from friend’s kids, no nice words – nothing. I start to appreciate the phone calls from my hubby and we chat on the phone, like we did in the beginning of our relationship :)

Day 4: It’s okay the way it is, still a bit sad but okay. I feel relaxed without my phone. I feel good during the day. It’s a little relieve.

Day 5: I feel even more relaxed and love to phone with my love! It’s so nice to get back to this old-fashioned-personal thing called speaking on the phone.

Day 6: I feel very very very relaxed – so does my hubby. We love our lives phone-free, centered and present. 

Day 7: Still so happy with this decision. We realized which apps we will delete and that we want to be more in control over the whole thing. 

So today I bring you this lovely collaboration to remind you on how fast time flies. It’s like booom and your kid is no longer a kid. So cherish the moments and put the phone away, only once more a day. Give it a try! Every little step counts. Your kid is now a kid – and one day, the day will come sooner as we all think, your baby is no baby anymore. 

Days are long, but years are short! 

You should totally watch the video to see what I mean by this 😉 ! 

I wish you a wonderful day full of love with your loved ones! 



This blog post is a lovely collaboration to remind us all of the value of the moment! If you want more information click here

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  • Reply nomadissima 04/06/2015 at 20:01

    Wow so interesting what happened to you in this time! And the video from nivea it’s just funny 😉 it’s true living in the moment with the people you are at this moment is so much powerfull than beeing online all of the time.. great post!

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