Our Favorites for the season


Hello lovely power people!

Even though the weather is actually more like summertime sadness at the moment 😉 – I am very sure that more of summer is just around the corner. in case you have not yet wrapped yourself up in funky summer shoes, it’s time 😉 ! Here’s my little collection of favorites for me and my girlie!

1a) Pink Girl 

1b) Pink Mama click here 


2a)  Golden Girl

2b)  Golden  Mama


3a) Blue Girl 

3b)  Mama  in blue


4a) Prints Girl

4b) Prints Mama


5a) Prints Girl

5b) Leo Mama


What’s your favorite summer shoe for this summer? :) Wish you all a long and happy weekend! 



This is a lovely collaboration with Vögele-Shoes, as usual all opinions are my own. 

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