Mama Style Uniform – Sunshine coat for Mama!


Veganism and Fashion? Is there a link between these two? Of course there is. Silk, fur, leather, wool are just some of the many animal products used in the fashion industry. 

And even though not (yet) my whole wardrobe is vegan and sustainable I am working towards it. And there’s also a movement there in the world! No longer a need to walk around in hemp clothes and barfeet when you’re a vegan 😉 

These days sustainability and style goes hand in hand – at least from this wonderful first vegan online-shop in Switzerland called V Angle The owners just felt a need for cool stuff, style and vibe doesn’t have to be missing out if you’re vegan. So they created their own vegan online store. In case you’re in Switzerland, they’re Zurich based for your information :)



This yellow summer coat is a dream to me. I love the curry-color, the shape and the buttons on top. It’s the perfect compagnon for summer nights, if you ask me. 


The other really coolest thing ever is this necklace. It’s a lovely necklace made of Zulu beans.  Which means teething beans. It’s really perfect for your baby when he or she is teething.  That’s such a mommy-piece :) isn’t it? Totally love it!


It’s also a great reminder for me to be brave. Why? These necklaces are a lovely collaboration from the designer Gitta Castelanelli who is traveling the world and has a big love for Africa. She makes these jewelry collaborations as aid projects in Africa, especially in Ruanda and South Africa and part of the proceeds goes to these women. This designer reminds me a lot of my best friend and I love that too because I miss her so much! 



Protagonist yellow coat from CUS found at V Angle here

1. Pants striped by Inti Ferreira at V Angle  here

2. Dark blue skirt by Reet Aus at V Angle  here

 3. Jumpsuit by Reality Studio at V Angle  here

4.  Necklace by Gitta Castelanelli at V Angle here 

5. Summer dress by Inti Ferreira at V Angle here

PS: Do you want more style mama uniforms? Click here

PPS: You like what you see? You can buy your own Zulu necklace or coat right here at V Angle 

Sure you already know, this blog post is a lovely collaboration with V Angle – your vegan fashion choice. As usual all opinions are my own, if you think I am excited, this is the truth.


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