The ten things I love most about my hubby!


  • His energy. He’s full of a very intense energy! 
  • He’s very intuitive and sensitive!
  • He’s very funny!


  • He’s a chance-taker –  he goes for what he wants!
  • He’s a very cool daddy!


  • He’s very intelligent. Yeah I’m team sapio-sexual, you know. 


  • He would not treat me any different when I gained 25 kilos / 50 pounds

You know lots of men used to be interested in me- in my pre-mom-life 😉 – Basically they cared about my optic, my body, not my person. But he is so very different. When we first met I was 55 kilo and he loved me the exact same way, when I was more than 80 kilos. Before him I was (sadly) very used to be more loved when I looked more perfect. I learned to let false standards of perfection go, thanks to him. 

  • He’s cool. He just is. I fall for his smile and for cute, intelligent, funny, sometimes even non-sense-things, he says. 
  • His smile. I can’t do anything when I see it. 

ti amo

  • He is very open. He’s not one of the people thinking 30497 times about things, sleeping 45 years about decisions, needing 567 days to make things work.He trusts his intuition and if he likes it he does it!
  • I know 10 are done, but they are not enough. 😀 What I absolutely adore about him is the way he makes people feel. He can calm people down, he can cheer them up, he is there for them, he is pro-active helping out. He’s wonderful! Oh and he is so super super positive!

What do you love most about your boyfriend, girlfriend, hubby, wife? Just tell them! :) You totally should.

Have a great day you wonderful person! 


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  • Reply nomadissima 03/06/2015 at 18:08

    wooooow soooo sweet! amazing how you wrote it, i could feel the love in every word.. i am so happy you guys have such a great relationship <3

    • Mama Leone
      Reply Mama Leone 04/06/2015 at 09:40

      thank you so much my dear nomadissima! :) your words are so so nice to read – always! lots of love!

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