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Here you find my new serie. Inspiring Motherhood where wonderful, dynamic, powerful, crunchy, lovely momas will be presented to inspire you! Motherhood is a journey, so let’s rock it together! Love and supporting thoughts to all of you! Welcome today Bethany!

What is your inspiration in life?

This question has always intimidated me. I always felt like I needed to come up with this 1 magical answer, this 1 great answer that would leave people impressed, in awe and inspired themselves. But I never could, I never could think of just 1 person, 1 thing, 1 place that inspired me.  In reality everyday something inspires me, whether it be big or small; a place, a thing, a person.  A walk with my kiddos, hearing the crunch of the leaves under my feet, the splash of a fish in the ocean, a stranger with a kind smile, a delicious treat, a random act of kindness shown my way!  I can easily get inspired, to exercise, to craft, to cook, to be kind, to teach my babies about something specific by anything I see, hear or read. Certain things just hit something inside me at the right time and I think ‘Wow..I want to..” So not just 1 thing but everything, all day inspires me if I allow it.

What is the most beautiful thing about your typical day?

Recently, I have been waking up to my 8 month old son open mouth kissing my face, or sitting up staring at me.  We venture into his sisters room and they almost always start with ‘hi mama, hi Zenon.’ And there you have the beginning of my day.  My children without a doubt are the most beautiful thing about my typical day. How common of an answer is that, right? But it is so true! It is their natural tan, natural curly hair, the smirks, the laughs, the hugs, the curiosity, their simple movements, their dancing, their sibling relationship, the high fives, their creativity, it’s everything they do or say. Everything about them, keep me alive & awake, physically and mentally.

What else is your passion beside your precious family?

I am not even sure I would call my family a passion, they are my life. But I guess is there a difference? Of course I am passionate about supporting them in every way possible. Keeping the love, hope, faith, trust between us all but isn’t that just being a mom. Can being a mom be a passion, isn’t it a lifestyle you choose? Being a mom I have become passionate about educating myself and others on things like baby wearing, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, peaceful parenting. Not only is it my everyday life, but talking about it helps me understand and better myself as a mom.  Really isn’t being passionate about life good enough, because I think that would be my #1 answer! I am passion about my life and making it the best one I can.   

Do you have a business beside your momma job, if so tell us about it?

When the girls were just newborns, I started selling their matching outfits. I discovered this world of MOMS (Moms of Multiples), it was great, I could find matching items for a discount price and also connect with other moms going through similar milestones as my girls. This led to me reselling clothes on Facebook, Mamas Bees is the name! From there I went to all sorts of things, currently I am selling Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces and wooden teething rings. I have developed this great big mom community on Facebook. Moms from all over the world, they have become my friends – even if I have never met 99% of them. We support each other, as moms, woman, stay at home moms, and work at home moms. Just the little income this momma job brings in has helped my family pay bills, buy clothes, groceries and ice cream, lots of ice cream!

Where do you live and can you show us a beautiful picture of your home?

I live in South Portland, Maine. It’s funny because I had a friend visit the other day from Boston, and called my city, country! It’s so not country, it’s a small city with everything you need! I have in walking distance; beaches, playgrounds, grocery stores, retail, gas station, library, schools, ice cream shops, and more! I live in a great little neighborhood with tons of kids on our street. I actually live a block away from the home I grew up in, after high school I left for college and did a little traveling, knowing I would always end up in Maine when I had children. And here we are, four seasons, family, quaintness and calmness – that is Maine for you!

How is it going with your babies these days?

Winters in Maine are long, as the Summer is approaching, and Winter is falling behind us – everything seems to be getting more peaceful. Winter blues is a serious thing and even the children can feel it. I guess that is why we love nature and being outdoors so much because in the winter somedays it is just too cold to be outside and being cramped inside is just no fun! My girls are 28 months old. Solaya is very detailed, motivated one; she loves to color, read, do puzzles and will sit until she is finished. She is reserved, taking a little bit to open up, cautiously watching her surroundings before she does so. She is supportive and caring, always getting her sissys clothes, snacks, drinks or toys to her. Giselle is daring & gutsy, she goes into a room and finds something to climb, she is the leader of the two. She is amusing and lively, always on the go go! They give amazing hugs, love to be outside and love to dance. Their brother Zenon is 8 months old, standing on his and he seriously is the chillest baby ever, he is my happy place. He is free spirited, calm, social-able and puts up with two older sisters who put stickers on him, put barrettes in his hair and lay on him without fussing!  Every day is a challenge, I won’t lie, most days I’m so tired it’s crazy how I am functioning. They are all still breastfeeding so that is a BIG part of our day, they all still want to breastfeed 24/7. I don’t know when they will stop, I also don’t think much about it, and they will tell me when they are ready.  For a bit I had 3 under 2, now it is 3 under 3, doesn’t seem as crazy, maybe just because it’s the life I know!

Who gives you power and strength and hope in your life?

I would have to say my best friend, my sister. I have 3 sisters whom I am close with but it is the one who is a year older that I just can’t imagine my life without. We will text 24/7 about anything and everything, probably over 100x a day. There isn’t anything that I don’t or won’t tell her. She is a single mom of 3 and works her butt off to support them, that right there is power & strength to me. She has no problem telling me to suck it up, get over it, cry it out, laugh it out, talk it out, and get over it. We always tell each other ‘cry about it once, never again.’  There are days she is the only one I want to talk to, she is obviously the longest friend I have had but the most loyal, sincere, beautiful one I have ever had. We are somewhat alike but somewhat different. She tends to over think; I tend to not think enough. She tends to give multiple chances to people; I tend to dismiss them after only one or two times. We balance each other out and feed off each other’s personalities & spirits. The power, strength and hope I have in my life come from everyone I meet, including my own self! But it is my sister that I can honestly say I look to for some of that on a daily basis. 

What inspires you about other mothers and what inspires you about motherhood?

What inspires me most about motherhood is taking a step back and thinking ‘will my children be proud of me.’ I want my children to look back and say ‘my mother did the best she could.’ Before you become a mother you don’t think much about motherhood, well I didn’t anyways. So to see other mothers giving their all to their children is very inspiring. When mothers change their lifestyles, make their family their #1 priority and embrace all that motherhood is, the good & bad it is a pretty admirable thing.

What do you do in a difficult moment?

Being positive is a choice, a choice a lot of people don’t make. It’s a choice that one makes to stay negative and I think staying negative is easier than staying positive. If I know something is going to bother me or set me off, I try my hardest to remove myself from the situation. I have been known to brush people, places, and things off because I know it isn’t well for my soul. When it comes to my children, if I walk into a room with no diapers on and poop on the floor, I immediately walk out, breath, yell, do a cartwheel, drink my coffee then walk back in. Of course it isn’t easy to not react sometimes, but I don’t want my children to be afraid of me, I don’t want them to see who they look up to so badly, loose it over every little thing. Especially things they are just trying to communicate with me but can’t. That is important to me. I want them to know that some things are not ok, hitting, biting, running in the road, etc but I don’t want to yell, or show them in a negative way.  Two 2 year olds isn’t a walk in the park, it’s hard, there are times that I have reacted before thinking and then it instantly shows with my girl’s actions. I know the way I react will change the day into a good day or a bad day, lots of time the bad day is my own fault.  

Can you give us some wisdom on your way?

I love social media I will not lie, so waking up and reading positivity on images and posts is important to me! When people say surround yourself with positive energy, they are not just saying it to say it. That stuff is so true. You surround yourself with constant negativity, you will be negative. To me that is all it is about, cut out anything that just isn’t well with your soul!

Self care is also important, especially as mom, we all need it! Before I had children I used to go to playground and swing for hours, I did all my meditation there. Now, swings are not my friends after 3 births. BUT sitting on the front porch or the steps down the beach, by myself, I feel like I can really let it all out, relax, breath and refresh! Everyone needs to find their place to find themselves again.

Thanks so much for sharing part of your beautiful life with us! We love your inspiring vibe! Glad to found your Instagram profile where you give us our much needed daily hippie love dose! We love love love your babes and you!

Lots of love to you! Thanks for reading.

Mama Leone

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