A little Mother’s day field trip!


When it comes to my family I am all about making memories & taking photographs of them! And I really recommend this to all the mamas out there! I love capturing moments and that’s why I take photos a lot.

 Mother’s day is a very special day too and while I totally do not want gifts from my kid and future kids, I love to spend time together and make something special and meaningful.  I love to make this as a tradition to go on the flowers field and embrace nature and pick some flowers. 


This is the perfect occasion to look around and see how much beauty life has in it and how much beauty motherhood has in it. 


mothersday8I am very proud to be a mother and I could not be happier with this little family of mine!  



I’d love to make this a tradition-thing going to the flower fields with my tribe, maybe adding a picknick and even a little after-noon-walk after a cool dance-party-at-home is always a good idea! Also can I just sleep in until 11 or so? And can you bring me french fries for breakfast and my lovely green power-smoothie? :)

Do you have a tradition for mother’s day? If so tell me about it, I would love to hear what others do. 




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