I’m ready for it! By Ellen de Generes


Lately I saw the Ellen de Generes show ( I love her so so much and her energy ) and Diane Keaton was her guest (she is awesome too!) and they talked about falling in love 

and all this stuff. And Ellen said something so wise and she mentioned it not as a big deal or so, but it’s so true! She said to Diane: 

“You just say I’m ready for it – I mean energetically”


and this is so simple but so true. Isn’t it? If you want something you just gotta make yourself ready, prepare yourself for it and say I’m ready for it! 

And no I’m not joking because it is so simple and I know that lots of people’s dreams do not come true or have not been coming true in the past, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth a  try. In these cases I do believe that there’s still resistance in the people. An old limited believe in themselves or life in general.

But please give it a try (try a week or a month or a year baby ;)) and look at the things you love: 

Do you want a cute, wonderful and heartwarming boyfriend?

And want to  imagine you getting engaged or kissing on the beach? 😀 Hell yeah who does not want that? 😀 Look at this situation and imagine you doing that.

cuteengangemne    couple couplepic 

Or you want to have a wonderful boss who sees all your skills and is so thankful for you to be there? Yeah everybody wants that! 


You don’t have to be stuck in a job you dislike. Nobody does. It’s a decision you make. Everyday. Today we’re in a world where bloggers make a living, where lots of new job opportunities are created by the internet (and I do not mean cutting & selling your hair online 😀 – eeek!) You love vegan shoes? Yeah you can start your business in this sector. Love to write about your journey online?  So do that and see if you can make a living from it! You love to design, create and paint? Well great, but you will never make it if you tell nobody about your passion and hide your paintings at home 😀 You adore to photograph? Or to style food in a funky way? Yeah tell em about it! Try, practice, open a blog or go co-write a blog or reach out for an internship at a magazine. 

pic1 bild2  bild3

But what if  I don’t make it? 

Yes that’s possible, but think of all the other things that are possible! Infinite happy possibilities.

But what if I tried it for months and nothing happens? 

You gotta be honest with yourself, darling! You want to attract a wonderful husband but you’re afraid of men because you made bad experiences? Or  you hanging all day long at home with your daddy or mommy totally attached to them? Sounds cute, but does not sound like someone who is ready for a relationship (with someone else than your father or mother!) You gotta make some space for a man, for a child, for a new profession, for a cool hobby, for whatever you want to attract. 

But what if someone laughs at my art? And anyway who will be buying something from me?

So well then let them be happy! and laugh! Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate.  And before YOU decide for other people what they will buy and what not. Give it a try ;)!

So as Ellen said just go in yourself energetically and say (again and again) that you are so ready for that. For all the great things that will come to you. 

So I am saying now that I am so so ready for a wonderful assistant and lots of new magical projects, as well as a happy times at home with my family! :) 

What are you ready for? 😀 I wish you all a honest, inspiring, successful and beautiful day my lovelies!






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