5 Date Ideas – let’s go out honey

Now and then I think every couple needs a bit of a time out from being a parent. Couple time. Since we moved back from Amsterdam, we have our friends and family close and they are happy to spend a bit time with our darling baby! <3 So here are our favorite dates at the moment.

The classic – Romantic Dinner

Our first date we had since we’re back was a romantic dinner at the Lake in Zug. We sat outside and chatted. It was wonderful. Love love love us the sunset.

Coffee-Date during the day in the Starbucks

Was great to have a good coffee and a little chat. The vibe during the day is definitely different from the night. It is more active and for us it is a great time to talk about future  & business ideas. 


We also do like to meet for badminton 😉 Or how about swimming, hiking, climbing or biking? 😉                                  

Relax at home with a good movie :)

We love to be at home, sometimes you just want to stay home and relax. So here we are, have fun with a great movie. One week you decide the other week let him decide. And yes give Star Wars and co. a try 😀  

Meet up in the city for a glass of wine and style yourself like it is your first date! 

No explanation needed. 😀 Anyway have fun while dating! <3

And here you find some STYLE tipps from well experienced people 😉 

Lots of love, Mama Leone

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