Do one thing that scares you, everyday!

pushingGood morning my beloved readers!

Today’s topic is about pushing your comfort zone and being the most honest and strongest you that ever exists. It’s a little thing but if you do it daily or weekly it will have an impact to your life.  You don’t have to do things like Base jumping or asking your secret crush if he wants to go out, but it can be little things like:

  • Tell the woman in the line that she has beautiful hair, earrings,  or whatever you like. Nobody expects a compliment in this situation and people are so happy to hear something nice. 
  • Talk to someone you don’t know (yet)! Maybe in the city, when you’re a mom than there are so many things to say to another mom. You can ask about the age or the buggy or the sling they use. 
  • Say the sales girl that her style looks cute! They are so happy to hear something nice and really expect questions and not nice compliments. 
  • Watch a film or read a book you would never watch or read, just to outgrow your comfort schedule. 
  • Talk to the employee you never talked before and ask him or her where he lives or how it’s going in his job.

Little steps lead to a big journey, you’ll notice a difference in your every-day-life! Trust me. Happy Sunday!


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