5 things that changed since my pregnancy!


1. I  have no need for perfumes, in fact I hate the perfumes my soulmate wore before I got pregnant. OMG this one million thing? Makes me want to throw up! Sorry the details. Before pregnancy? Loooooved it! 


2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE vinegar. Could drink it from the bottle all day 😀 But I don’t. I love it so much since I was pregnant. And before it was just part of the salad sauce, now it’s the more the better 😀

3. I don’t wear (push-up) bras anymore :D Haha yeah I know – free the nipple. Haha!No I still have bras but these cute soft bras and not these crazies! I don’t like this classical bras which pinch and push on my body. 

4. NO High-heels. I used to live in these. Now I have one pairs. And they’re very comfy otherwise I live in sneakers (the more colorful, the better) these days.


5. I became milder as a human being in general. Which means I do not judge so many people anymore for example, when they’re not perfect. I also am milder with my hubby and myself. I did let go a huuuuuge piece of self-control and perfectionism and embrace the happy lovely chaos. 





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