Inspiring Mom – Selma Blair! Mom Crush!


Can we all take a minute to praise and talk about how gorgeous Selma Blair is as a mom? :) Totally my mom crush. She does this mom thing with such a gentle heart, intuition and a natural beauty it’s totally blowing me away. 

“More and more I’m coming to realize that if my son sees that I’m happy and strong, and that I have connections with other people, then that is the best thing for him. In the very beginning, I’d think, oh no, the most important thing is that he just bonds with me and spends time with his dad, and that I get as much time with him as possible. And that’s very valid, and real, and amazing for all involved. At the same time, it’s the reality that I have to work, and the more he sees that I can go happily to work, and learn from these transitions with him, than his life is still rounded but has some adversity in it—that’s how you learn. As long as he’s safe. I’m learning more and more that this is just to reality of my life. And I have to get used to it. I may cry in a corner if I have to, but ultimately I’m a lucky person.”



 “Let your child be your North Star. If I tried to follow other people’s advice, it just wouldn’t necessarily fit in with our life and our way of living, and then I’d end up feeling like I’m not doing it right, which just isn’t empowering as a mother.”



“I never thought I’d cherish every second like I do now. I used to be the kind of person who was like, “When’s lunch? When do I get to go to bed? When do I get to go on vacation? When, when, when in the future?” And this child has totally changed me. Now, I can’t help but smile and think, “I’m here now.”


Source: Pictures and text by theglow

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