10 things motherhood thaught me!


1. Let go of perfection, darling! You know what I mean. Don’t you :)? You can totally set the control freak in you free! 


  1. Enjoy the bumpy ride! You will push your comfort zone with this new person in your home. That’s exhausting and that’s wonderful! If you can please always comfort a screaming baby. 


3. Go and sleep when your baby sleeps. A starter may think you should then do housework, but truth is a happy and healthy mom is better than a insane mom with a perfect home. 


4. Embrace your mother (in-law) It’s okay to accept help from someone you trust! Someone who really helps you and has time to be there for you and the baby is magic! 


  1. Be thankful for little steps. You do what you can! :) And so does the baby. And the daddy. 


6. Relax. I know days can be long but years are short. Not too long and your little ones are adults ūüėČ so enjoy the time! And drink a cup of coffee and just breathe!


  1. A good date night is worth a million bucks! This is the TRUTH!


  1. (Healthy) Delivery service is absolutely cool and perfect! Otherwise lovely friends who bring yummie food are very welcome too!


  1. Don’t compare to those instagram-mothers with their perfect life attitudes. This is just a small part of a huge story. 


  1. Talk it out with your bestie! Talk about your feelings. This so helps me! :) 


11. And of course I now know what it feels like to have endless love for a human being :) 


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  • Reply Glitzi 11/06/2015 at 14:53

    oh das macht so Vorfreud <3 und wunderschöns Bild!! <3

    • Mama Leone
      Reply Mama Leone 11/06/2015 at 22:43

      jöö schön! danke sweetheart :) <3 !

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