Inspiring Motherhood

Here in this new column we feature every week some beautiful mommies all around da world. Aaaannd bonjour today we are in Paris. So please show some love for her French accent.  

Dear Leia, welcome! I like to know a bit about your daily life and your inspiration, as well as what you do all day long ?

I spent my days between preparing beautiful packaging, handling orders, trips to the post office, mail to be processed, the web part design / marketing. Also meetings outside my hours, my days are busy! A typical day at Diapers & Milk goes from 9h to 22h and sometimes even on Sundays. And honestly, I love it!

Where do you live and can you show us a beautiful picture of your home?

I live in Paris or the most beautiful city in the world. I confess that I often think about moving to LA because the weather here is not paradise!  

How is it going this motherhood journey? 😀

My daughter is at the nursery every day and it helps me a lot because it helps me to concentrate on my work. But I take her up in the morning before taking her to the nursery and in the evening when i pick her up I spend a lot of time playing with her and we talk and laugh a lot. 

May I ask, what is your aspiration and inspiration in life?

My two loves, my husband and my daughter. Life everyday inspires me too.

How do you get inspired in your motherhood life?

My parents have always been there for us, my sister, my brother and me. Every time we spent together was precious. They have also pushed to do what you love, and I will never thank enough for that. These are essential things that I want to give to my daughter.

Can you tell us a bit about your business besides being a mommie? What do you do? 

I have been passionate about fashion and design from a young age. I never dared to launch me. When the idea of creating a collection of children’s fashion came, I told myself that I would find a great pleasure because there are no limits in creating designs for children. I started by creating unique model for my daughter. My husband then pushed me to market the products that I created for her. I must admit that on this one, he was right! So, I created Diapers & Milk, organic leggings for cool kids. 

What is the best part about being a mother?

The kisses and the cuddles. The unconditional love feeling. It’s very special.

Do you want to tell us a bit about the way you life and your partner?

I’m in love with my husband since the first day I met him. We are a cohesive team. Gary has decided to help me in my project background and handles all marketing and web part of D&M. This is largely thanks to him that I came here, D&M is now resale worldwide!

What is your dream?

Why not a society without criminal, drugs and war? 

Dear Leia, congratulation for living your dream and thanks so much for the glimpse into the your life <3 We love your style!

Lots of love to you! Thanks for reading.

Mama Leone

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