Birthday Bliss! My baby is two years old!


Congratulations my beloved babygirl! You are two years old today! What a fantastatic age and time to be together! I love you more than everything. You are magic. You’re a whirlwind of power, happiness, funkiness and you’re for sure a girl boss. You know that we don’t call girls bossy anymore 😉 don’t you? According to Sheryl Sandberg and Anna Maria Chavez. Click here for more.


She was totally excited to get her Lucy and Mother Lucy unicorns :) ! I mean who would not? 😀 (Can you tell I am excited too :D?) Hahaha. I love the idea of small meaningful gifts and big emotions :)


 this love of all my lives! 


 two balloons for you darling! 


 a little buffet filled with veggie Bruschetta, cashews, oranges with goji berries, dats and sweet and sours. 


also does she love the play dough! We enjoyed a little family party. 


and her new horses 😀 


look at this little face!!! <3 for us it was the perfect day! love this family of mine so much! 


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