25 things I’ve learned in 25 years!


1. Life happens while you make plans :)! What I mean is – you make your plans, you got the idea of yourself, how you should be and meanwhile life happens 😉 ! I never thought that I was going to be a mother with 23, for example.  It’s really not possible nor necessary to plan every detail. You just gotta roll with your good feelings. 


2. Learn to be flexible! What I mean is learn to be flexible :D! If something doesn’t go according to your original plan, there is a reason why it did not work out. Maybe there’s another, a even better way to do things. I learn this as mother and in my relationship everyday. 

3. Learn to trust yourself! Since I value myself I feel 10’000 times happier. It’s so important to be good to you. Because if not you, who else will be good to you? I also realized that I can trust my guts doesn’t matter in which area. Love, friendship, work. 

4. Stand up for what you stand for! I have a huge desire to do something for all the animals, that got killed an eaten every day. I want to open people’s eyes and tell them the truth. And I want to inspire them so they see that vegan food is awesome food! 

5. Don’t let them tame you. Be a little wild 😉 And do what your heart tells you to do, don’t listen to these gatekeepers.


6. Quality over quantity. This goes for everything starting with food going to sex and ending with work. It’s all about quality. 

7. Trust in you and in the world. You better start trusting yourself the way you trust your bestie, your mother or whoever is very close to you. Because you are very important for yourself! 

8. Embrace change cause it’s so natural and wonderful. Don’t be afraid of letting go. There will be coming something new, something better, something else. Trust! 

9. Speak about your fears. Just do it. Doesn’t matter to who. I do it with my hubby :) Other people see psychiatrists.

10. Start to look at your childhood. Try to analyze it according to yourself today. Learn to let these feelings come again to you and finally release them. I feel so much better since I am working on my traumatical childhood experiences! First it’s so hard, but then it’s such a (huge!!) relief and time to heal. 

11. Learn to let go. Sometimes it’s very hard but you don’t have to do it if you don’t want it! I used to stay around people who were not good for me. I am happy that I did let them go. 

12. If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it! Doesn’t matter what it is. Maybe traveling like this girl  or hunting a dream job. Whatever it is, follow it!

13. Celebrate. Life. Just because!


14. Be nice to everyone. I don’t mean it in a always-be-nice-girl-way. I mean it like be nice to strangers, to unfortunates (they need it the most!)

15. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Don’t judge people based on their looks. That’s so yesterday. Look into people, how do they make you feel. Do you like their company? What’s their story? What do the believe in? What do they fight for? 

16. Health is wealth! It’s so so so important to look after your health. Eat healthy and try to balance it! Sometimes you have a drink or two, the next day you drink lots of water and eat conscious. 

17. Give sport a try again and again. It’s part of a healthy lifestyle and only by 2 hours sport per week, you increase your life time. And make you feel so good. 

18. Balance is key. Find a way to make it all possible. Save the world but save yourself first 😉 No I mean make yourself happy, and the people around you. Find a good way to recharge yourself. Be present with your dears and take time to sleep. 

19. Once a year go some place you ‘ve never been before. Or once a month, or once a day :) Whatever suits you. 


20. Push your comfort-zone. Do it. First it’s hard but it gets better. Small steps count. 

21. Surround yourself with positive happy and good-hearted people. There’s really no need to do anything else. I am so inspired by my friends and I love that!

22. Laugh, create, rest & be present. Make time for all of it! And put your phone away when talking to your bestie, or sitting on couch with your hubby. 

23. Connect to your soulmate. It’s so important to connect again and again and again. 

24. Follow your passion! Life is wonderful but it’s also limited in time. Instead to do things you don’t love, you better be rockin your world follow your dreams and make them come true! 

25. Stop stressin! Everything comes at the right time. And in the end you better enjoy your life! 


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