How does a person look like who left everything behind to live the life of her dreams?


like this.

This is my bestie, my lovely and passionate best friend since the first day of my life, my cousin (our fathers are twins – so are we 😉 -kind of) and a huge INSPIRATION in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is stephania.

she has been through so damn much shitty (and also lots of cool) stuff in her life! i give you some examples: She was raised in a very catholic environment! She has lived in the Netherlands, Gran Canaria and also in Switzerland, she has lots of crazy and strange experiences with drugs and men but she fucking rules her own world. That’s just  the surface, you guys.  

She went through a lot! 

She is a strong strong woman, who knows her self and learns to let go all the old things she doesn’t need anymore. She wants to be free and to be the best version of herself and loved for that (Who does not?- I do too!) She is so funny and clever and a great cook! 😉 She loves animals and is vegan too. 

he works on her shit and inspires me everyday. Because dreams are not made to dream, but to live. She was fucking afraid of the fact that she would run out of money and that she needs millions to travel this world. But then she decided that she would change the rules, that society made and that she will go for what she loves and will live a  life that’s worth living – not just starring outside a window, dreaming of a life in Morocco. 

She sold all her stuff she owned and just lives each day as it comes! :) Very pure and simple. Totally love it!


Currently she walks the Camino de Santiago in Spain and walks her way into a whole new world to Lissabon. Can’t wait to see what she will do there, maybe start a business, talk to people, live on a farm, meet new people and decide to live there with them? :) You never know…

If you like people who live their dream just half as much as I do, here is her wonderful blog. You can follow her along her journey, contact her, support her project or just simply look how she makes her dreams come true. 





  • Reply nomadissima 10/04/2015 at 17:26

    Wow bube so berüerend.. <3 ich liebe dich so!!!! Danke für dini riesig unterstützig immer immer immer!!!

  • Mama Leone
    Reply Mama Leone 10/04/2015 at 17:54

    Oh I love you too!!! <3

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