Pursuit of happiness! What I do to be happy – my ultimate happiness-list!


First things first! Things that make me happy! :) A little list!

  • my wonderful kid
  • my soulmate
  • my friends around me!
  • the sun

  • spring
  • great city vibes


  • cool art


  • fresh pressed juice
  • a great, honest and deep conversation!
  • happy people
  • laughter
  • ellen de generes
  • bycicling with my baby!
  • the feeling of holidays
  • dreams coming true – doesn’t matter if mine come true or friend’s
  • great style
  • if someone’s vegan and loves animals and protects them. (or try’s to)
  • the after-workout-feeling
  • a cold shower
  • a hug of someone I love!
  • healthy food
  • nature


  • colorful balloons!


  • films with a  great message!
  • being at the river in summer mornings!


  • dream projects with dream clients!


And here’s what I do to get happy in case I’m not!

  • Being nice with me! Not everyday is perfect, sometimes you have not enough sleep or something else bothers you. I allow myself to be unhappy. I am not a robot I can’t be perfect.
  • Then I try to analyze my frustration and talk about it with someone I love! Often another perspective helps.
  • Sometimes you only need a hug. So I tell it my hubby and he gives me lots of bear- hugs! :)
  • Go out! Maybe it’s the place you’re in and you need a new perspective. Get out in the rain or in whatever – change your environment.
  • Change your thougts – Instead of telling yourself what you can’t or don’t have – think of all the perfect things you have and can – like the list above.
  • I call a friend and talk it out. You’ll see that everyone has his own battle and we don’ t have to compare us and only the voice of a person you love makes you a bit happier :)
  • Chill out today! Tomorrow is another day to be happy, productive or sparkling!
  • If you can go out and soak up the sun! this makes you for sure happier.
  • Think of something crazy funny that had happend in your past! I have lots of stories from being out with my bestie – hahahahhaha 😀 always makes me smile. 

I give you an example: Once me and my best friend, we were out and we lived at the same place, so we always went out together and went home together. This night I was absolutely in the mood to party – Actually she was the big party horse and I often was like let’s go home at 12 😀 This night was totally different. I had fun I wanted to stay. She didn’t. We then argued a bit, but she then convinced me to join her to the bus. So I did. We walked our ways through Lucerne and I was so angry to go home! But we then wanted to catch this bus. The bus was a night bus and therefor pretty expensive 😉 we stood in the line to get in and wanted to buy a ticket. When it was our turn the busdriver said something like 7.- Swiss Francs per person and I waited for her (she carried our money) to pay him. And she looked at me and said: You sure have the money. And I was like no I don’t. I have nothing left. HAHA! We then went out of the bus to go back to the club where we waited until we could take the first train in the morning to get home.  It’s funny because this whole walk to the bus, the arguing, the question if we should go or stay, was all for nothing! 😀 If you have no money you better stay at the club as long as you can because you’ll freeze your ass off at the train station where you wait for hours until the first train brings you home 😀

We were pretty lucky to meet three guys and they brought us home! One of them did write then to my bestie all the time such funny sms ( he did not notice that they were funny!) but that’s a story for another blog post! :) 

Happy Wednesday you lovely People! 








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