Getting to know each other – Tell me your favorites!


Name your favorites! Let’s play a game.

I thought we should get to know each other better :) If you like you can answer these favorites! You can of course as always send me an email or write it in facebook or write it down here. I love to get to know you better and to get new ideas and perspectives! I also want to name some blogger friends I go with Saskia from a lovely journey! & Janina from filea and invite you to play on your blog, if you like 😉

Favorite place: I have not yet been to all continents so I have a limited idea here 😉 I’m sorry – but so far my favorite places are def Barcelona, the South of France, Amsterdam and I really love Greece.

Local of course Zurich. But I have to say I love being basically anywhere with nice cafes, a beautiful sea and warm weather (and great people). Of course I also enjoy art and culture and vegan spots:)


Person: That’s a hard one and I don’t think that anyone can name only one. For me it’s my hubby and our daughter :) They are such a power team, a cool happy energy, they are energetic and my happy place. In general I only surround myself with people I love, and people who inspire me and are supporters. So I basically love everyone around me. So if you’re a friend and reading this you can be 100 % sure that I love you deeply, but sure you already knew that :) 


Material: Silver

Color: Black and the leo-print and of course I love azure blue.


Food: Lemons, potatoes, spinach smoothies, dark chocolate and cashews everything. And my mother-in-law’s vegan chocolate cake!

Smell: I love the smell of peppermint.

Book: There are lots. But my all time favorite is SHANTARAM  (a great novel based on his personal experiences) and I also read lots of empowering mental training books.

TV Show: Suits – We’re addicted and love them so much! 


Fruit: Watermelon, lemons and bananas and pomegranate and pineapple.

Vegetables: Lots!Tomatoes, spinach, peas, pumpkin, broccoli, salad, cauliflower

Herb: Basil

Favorite time of the day: Sunrise


Outfit: I love comfy trousers (preferably black) and a short pullover or shirt in cute colors, I love sneakers and I love a good hat. 


I also love long skirts and a cool blazer! 

Seasons: I love spring and summer and fall! Basically all three seasons 😉 ! Is there a 4th? 😀 not for me!


Girls names: I love many – Estella of course and Olivia and Giulia and Isabella and Segolene.

Art: Abstract and spontaneous modern art with great color bases and high quality photography


Animal: As a vegan I have a feeling that I value really every animal! And I love cows, dogs, sheeps and rabbits!

Blog: goop, a lovely journey and of course bleubirdblog

 Happy Monday to everybody! I think you got an idea of that game :)


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