What a vegan child eats – the breakfast

vegankid breakfast

So before we dive deeper in theory about nutrition :) Here’s another picture of a sometimes typical breakfast. As you see the picture speaks for itself 😉 !

iron in this photo: sunflower seeds, chia seeds, dats, beet root juice and oats

protein and magnesium: cashew nuts & banana & coconut yoghurt

fibers: wholegrain toast

Sidenote: She often doesn’t eat all at once, or also leaves things out, but I like her to have the choice. And when I leave the plate a bit, she often eats later on the nuts or what’s left. I find it very effective to not take the whole plate away after breakfast. I just leave it at her little table for example! But there are also days when she’s not eating so much. You know, these are kids. But I keep an eye on her food habits and when I see she loves spinach at the moment, I make it also 3-4 times a week (of course with other side dishes) and other days she’s into bananas or smoothies or bread or bulgur. I never force her to eat anything, instead I have my little tricks 😉 -for example I grate cashew nuts and almonds over her plate (basically over everything 😉 – from yoghurt to pasta ;))

Hope you enjoy this! :) 

Happy Wednesday everybody! 


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