Vegan(friendly) restaurants

In Zug

We recently had the chance to test two vegan restaurants. There was the bar plaza in Zug. We were there at night (it was a date – yuhee!) so we did get the night vibe. It is a bar and a cafe bistro by the day. We had some special curly french fries and spring rolls and veggie balls and some lovely stuff I don’t remember. :) They have some vegan options which I think is awesome. Also do they have a vegan menu for lunch.

It was very good, I also read of a vegan lasagne, but did not (yet) try it. Maybe next time. We had a lovely time. The waiter was also very friendly. We will sure be back. I recommend it to you veggie eaters if you’re in town. And if you look at this pic below, you see that Zug is worth a visit. 

In Emmenbrücke (close to Lucerne)

We ate at the Gasthaus Adler which is not only a vegan restaurant but also vegetarian and they serve meat as well. For the owner it’s very important that everything is healthy and environment-friendly. So everything is biological and of high quality. It is very special the restaurant it self, a bit rustic and green. 

They had one vegan menu and also lovely drinks with almond milk and more. That’s really awesome for a vegan! :)

Also do they serve vegan deserts, nice cream and chocolate trufles. We tested a vegan and a vegetarian menu. It was very good! 

So in case your in Central Switzerland and you want to try some vegan restaurants, for sure you find something nice to eat in both these restaurants. 

The light was too bad for some pictures of the food. 

I wish you  a happy weekend, Mama Leone.

PS: As usual the source of the original pictures is easy to find, by clicking on the pics.

PPS: Stay tuned next Monday is a new inspiring mom on the blog :)

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