Inspiring motherhood

Hello to Australia! Please welcome the wonderful and spiritual Emma! 

Hi dear, where do you live and can you show us a beautiful picture of your home?

We live in the beautiful blue mountains in Australia (which is part of the unesco world heritage; editorial note).

How is it going this motherhood journey of yours? 😀

It’s been truly wonderful so far, it’s like I’m reconnecting with a soul I have loved for many moon before. 

What is your aspiration in life?

To continue evolving. Continue to learn with open ears and love with an open heart.

How do you get inspired in your motherhood life?  

I’m inspired by parents who trust their intuition, who are willing to live their lives and nurture their children naturally. I’m constantly at awe of the new paths people are weaving from their ingrained wisdom. We are all in this journey together and it’s inspiring seeing people live their lives so consciously. Im inspired by the love I have shooting out of my heart on a daily basis, it propels me to forget the ego, leave my selfish desires behind and act towards whats best for my child and future children.  

Do you want to tell us a bit about the way you and your partner live?

Well, my partner and I are both vegan Earth loving soul mates. Our biggest joy is to explore our surroundings which are rather magnificent in the Blue Mountains. Our goal is to have our own land, raise our children free from confines of society pressures and choose on the basis of love through out their lives

What is your passion?

My passion is forging my own path through life, researching and learning all that I can to help my own personal evolution. I believe with every fibre of my being that plant based whole foods are Mother Earths gift of health. I hope to inspire people with food and lifestyle so I can see my passions in this area evolving into a career someda

What inspires you about other mothers?

Its just so amazing the paths others are taking, free from the norm yet completely natural. Mothers that would rather their children be eating mud and building fairy houses in the garden rather than watching tv. Or that forget what others tell them and feed them whole fruit and vegetables like all should. The Instagram community I have been blessed with are completely awe inspiring and it has been wonderful to dive into the experience of parenthood and be inspired by others like me who have brought up these wonderful little Rainbow warriors.

What is your dream?

My dream is to continue evolving.  I hope to be a better version of myself daily. I have found that my religion is Love and I hope to choose on the basis of Love, always. I dream of having more children and living on rolling hills of green land, to always have the freedom to grow our own food and collect our own water. To meet with nature daily and feel the electric pulse of Mother Earths spirit pulse through our bare feet. I dream my children finding the connection with our animal friends like we have, that they learn to love all that are different and stay free of judgment. That they forge their own paths and live full lives filled with Love.       

Thank you so much for showing us a little bit of your wonderful lives. I adore your natural lifestyle and your thankfulness! It’s really truly inspiring. I also want to be a better version of myself everyday! Thanks so much Emma for sharing. And if you guys want more of her and her beautiful (!!!!!!) family she is on instagram. Go follow that inspiring and wise soulsister. Oh and by the way I love that love is her religion! So simple and so good.

Lots of love from us!


  • Reply Sophie 07/07/2014 at 06:10

    Ah, wonderful interview! :) I follow Emma on Instagram (that’s how I got here), she is such an inspiring, beautiful woman! Thank you Emma for giving us a glimpse of your lovely family and home. It gives one strength and hope to see other parents living the same dreams and believes. Oh, and now I really want to travel to Australia…the Blue Mountains look breathtakingly beautiful! Though, we have some pretty amazing mountains here in Switzerland aswell 😉 Anyway, thank you for sharing! I’m gonna follow your blog from now on!


    P.S. oh, just saw the nice photo of you and your darling at the river … is that the Aare? I am a young vegan mamma living in Bern with my happy little family by the way :)

    • Mama Leone
      Reply Mama Leone 07/07/2014 at 21:30

      dear sophie

      thanks so much for your comment! I really find it also oh so inspiring her lifestyle and as well the blue mountains !!!

      Thanks, no this is die Reuss (but it is part of the Aare , isn’t it? :D) :) Thanks for sharing, so I want to follow you back on Insta. Can you maybe gimme your nickname again there?

      Mama Leone

      • Reply Sophie 08/07/2014 at 06:36

        True, it flows into the Aare. At least that’s what google says ;). My Insta nickname is @scilloni. I’m also working on my blog but it’s not yet ready to be put online.
        Looking forward to reading from you again!


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