20 things I love

johnny cash

  • This beautiful picture! 
  • A clean kitchen :) – so I can start creating! :) 
  • Rearranging my living room.


  • Pretty to do lists from here


  • New projects (soon to come!)
  • My new glasses! 
  • Sunshine!Sunshine!Sunshine!
  • A taste of spring.
  • Bycycling with my beloved ones!
  • Estella’s new jacket!


  • Kisses from my hubby
  • Kisses from my daughter
  • Coffee with warm rice-almond milk :) 
  • Seeing how friend’s dream come true! One got a house and another one just starts living her dream travelling around!
  • Our family bed :) so cozy! 
  • Meeting inspiring people!
  • Fresh yogi tea and the messages :)


  • Sunsets
  • Family movie’s watching – time!
  • Kale smoothies! 


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