Dreams and how to create a dream board

Dream boards are a highly effective tool to attract your dreams and reach your goals. So what exactly is a dream board about you ask? 

Unbenannt-1A dream board is made of powerful statements and pictures which are your dreams! 

1. Grab all your magazines and pictures you love! Use whatever inspires you and if you don’t have magazines you can google some beautiful images or hop over to pinterest and create a dream board with Photoshop.

2.  Find pictures that represent the experience, you wish to create or have in your life! 

3.  Have fun while making it! :) Don’t be afraid or ashamed. It’s so great to have dreams :)

4. Place it on a place where  you see it daily! 

  1. Have fun while watching your dreams come true ! 


I want to just clarify, that dreamboards are an efficient tool in mental training, also used for athletes to imagine situations and so help achieving goals. But remember to work for your dreams 😉 YOU GOTTA MAKE IT A PRIORITY! YOU GOTTA WANT IT MORE THAN EVERYTHING ELSE. AND YOU GOTTA BE READY TO TRANSFORM AND LET GO.  HAPPY CREATING! 



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