What a vegan child eats – Sneak peak into a new column!

what a vegan kid eats1

Hello everybody.

Do you remember when I started the column BLW (baby led weaning) when I gave you some insight in my daughter’s food? :) Since we are going to raise her vegan I decided it’s time to give you some inspirations again. I show you about nutritions and all the vitamins that my kid gets. 

I am also working on a (still secret) project in this field, so a lot of things are going to come your way. I want to give you great information and overviews about food for you and for your kids. 

It is possible to raise a kid healthy and vegan. But it’s important to do your research when it comes to a plant-based-nutrition. And it’s really recommended for everybody to do a research, vegan, vegetarian and meat-eaters. 

(this statement – It’s possible to raise a kid healthy and vegan – is not from me 😉 of course it’s my opinion too, but this statement comes from doctors) additional info in german found here

See you soon 


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  • Reply Sophie 06/03/2015 at 18:40

    Oh this sounds great! Really looking forward to this coloumn and your project (wondering what it might be :)) As I am bringing up my daughter on vegan diet too and I don’t know too many other parents who do this, I am always interested in reading about and sharing some experiences.

    I absolutely agree on the “it is possible to raise a kid healthy and vegan” statement. 😀 My daughter has been vegan since she was born (and even before in my belly) and she is perfectly fine. Her blood tests were always excellent (more than enough Iron and B12) and she is a vivid young toddler that seldomly gets sick with the flu or anything else. But of course, I also agree on the doing research point. I read a lot about how to nourish a kid healthily and it made me more confident in what I am doing.
    So all you mamas out there, whether vegan or not, do your homework! 😉


  • debroah
    Reply debroah 07/03/2015 at 11:06

    Hello Sophie and thanks so much for your comment. So appreciated :) ! Yeah. SO let’s do this together :) this awesome vegan life (also for kids ;)) ! Maybe you can show us once what you’re eating at your place=)?Happy spring!

    So great to hear about the blood tests and that she is doing so good. I guess she eats just perfectly healthy food. Love that!

    • Reply Sophie 08/03/2015 at 14:36

      YES, let’s do this together. :) Of course I’d love to share what we eat around here. I’ll just have to remember to take a few pics of the next meals. 😉

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