Estella and me! Things I want to remember

Dear Estella Joy

Oh dear! Have you grown. You’re really not that little baby anymore :) In fact this year you’ll turn two years old! And that’s absolutely fantastic and wonderful! But at the same time – I almost can’t believe you are two (!!) years old. Clich√©! :) But time goes by so fast ! Here are some things that I always want to remember about you!

  • You started talking and the funny thing is: you repeat your words at night. So one night your daddy and I laughed a lot when you said Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza. Like 10 times or so :) You pronounce it: Pii-ss-aa. And of course you say banana. Which is nana. It’s adorable. 
  • You’re quite an artist. When we create together you have your own ideas and visions and don’t always want the same things as me. I love that!
  • You sing so beautifully ! 
  • I want to deeply enjoy and remember the last few moments when you are nursing. I have a feeling that breastfeeding comes slowly but surely to an end. And while I am absolutely happy to see you so independent and self-secure, it’s still a bit bittersweet for me :) But I love to see you as such a big girl! :) When we ask you if you want a drink from mommy or your rice-almond-milk you very often go for the rice-almond-milk :) 
  • I love the picknicks with you. Doesn’t matter if indoor or outdoor. We love to sit there and enjoy some smoothies, chips and homemade icecream.

I love you and I always will! You shall know that. Forever. 

your mama (or as you can say mama ione) 


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