5 tips to start a healthy vegan life!


Congratulations! You’re interested in a healthy vegan lifestyle? You came to the exact perfect place to celebrate that! :) A vegan diet is absolutely free (or as free as possible)  from all animal products which are meat, eggs, yogurt and cheese and often processed foods (thank god you are off of that!) with animal products !

So a question I often receive is: WHAT? SO WHAT CAN YOU EAT THEN? :) I can tell you it’s a lot and it’s delicious and it’s colorful and I just absolutely love my vegan life.  What forms the basis for most vegan meals are whole grains, beans, legumes, vegetables, fruit and nuts these things will appear daily on my plate.

Here are some examples of what we eat: 

A typical breakfast for us girls is:

  • some cashews and almonds 
  • Wholegrain bread with a bit of margarine and/or jam
  • healthy homemade – non sugared – banana/cocoa icecream 
  • Sometimes a bowl of oatmeal and fruits
  • sometimes crackers, pomegranate or even better
  • Smoothies ( I love green spinach smoothies, she loves pink banana raspberry smoothies)

A typical lunch for us girl is made of:

  • Bulgur and soya nuggets
  • Cauliflower and beans soup
  • Broccoli and potato soup
  • Pasta (often but not only 😉 wholemeal with peas and corn
  • Spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce
  • Homemade or bought fries :) 

A typical dinner for the whole family is often: 

  • Mexican wraps with chillies, corn and sweet lupins 
  • Homemade Pizza with lots of veggies 
  • Tofu burgers and rice
  • Sandwich with onions, cucumbers and salad 
  • mashed potatoes and carrots
  • Homemade burgers made of kidney beans 

These is just a little insight and only a small part of what we eat! But I thought I give you some inspiration… Pics are soon following :) 


So here are some tipps of mine if you wanna get started:

  • Relax. take it easy. No one said you have to be 100 % vegan and that right now. Don’t push too hard. Do it in your way, in your time and have fun while you doing it. That’s most important. And also that you are healthy. Which leads us to the next point. We start with protein. Often people are worried about their protein source. But I show you some. 


  • Fill your protein. With great protein Sources. 


Picture found here

You see only my smoothie (spinach) and broccoli soup are a great way to give us some protein. You see that spinach has almost twice as much protein then beef f.e. 


  • I give you some sources of plant based iron. So make sure you get your iron :)


picture by southerninlaw


  • Take your B12 and also your Calcium

There are lots of B12 sources. Something I am really into is a B12 tooth paste and a B12 spray! You can get yours here



Calcium is pretty important too. Great calcium sources are soya milk, tofu, spinach, oranges, almonds, onions and sunflower seeds. 


  • Connect to a vegan community or vegan friends

It feels just great to connect to people and they probably have tipps for you! It’s really nice to benefit from others knowledge. If you’re living in Switzerland you can check out vegan.ch otherwise you can just type into google vegan and your country and sure will find helpful info. Also peta is a great source. 


  • Make sure to get your information. On the above mentioned pages you find lots about ideal nutrition. It’s important to do your homework in that field. But I feel this is important for everybody :) not only for vegans. 

Yes I know it’s sometimes a bit of work to cook fresh everyday. But it’s absolutely so worth it. It’s a declaration of love to yourself, your body, your mind, the environment and so on.


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